Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rush Limbaugh Reaped What He Sowed

The uppercrust junkie truly is getting exactly what he deserves, but then again he stills fall short, jail time would be good.

This conservative oxycontin pill popping drug addict is still at it. He announced on his radio show, that he wasn't arrested.

Then, WTF do you call it when you have to go turn yourself in to be fingerprinted and stand in front of the camera and not say Cheese, but mugshot?

It's amazing how he thinks, that he's so much better than these so called social ills of the world, which he degrades and talks about. For instance, the young African American drug dealer. Hell, he's probably one of their best customers.

And, his chosen words for the alleged Duke Lacrosse rape victim. He talked about her past criminal record and called the 2 young women on air some "ho's." What exactly does he think that he is? He's a ho for the drugs and the drugman is his pimp.

The stanking smelly fart calls the end result a victory! The case was said to have been closed on Friday. It's a Victory to randomly be called to piss in a cup? Whoa! I'm glad that He and I equate living and victories to be something totally different.

Watch before it is all said and done, his nasty behind is going to jail. And, I hope he ends up in a cell and a pod with all these so-called social ills, that he has talked about. I hope Big Bubba, with the twinkle in his walk meets him at the front door!

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